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Ren Ai Elementary School was originally Ren Ai Branch School of
Da Peng Elementary School in August, 1979.
We celebrated the tenth anniversary in November,1990.
August 1992 Mr. LiaoCai-Li--the principal of our school.
March 1994 Mr. Lai, Song-Syong--the principal of our school.
August 1997 Ms. Chen, Li-Mei--the principal of our school.
August 2001 Ms. Chen was reelected as--the principal of our school.
August 2007 Mr. Xu, You-Zhong--the principal of our school.
February 2011 Mr. Syu, Jin-Cheng--the principal of our school.



The heart means that our school is full of love and corresponds with our school's name. Underneath the heart, a straight line represents a seedling, which symbolizes a hope and a future heir of our nation. The seedling is surrounded by five U-shape lines, which represents morality, intelligence, sports, cooperation and virtue.  Their directions reveal the spirit of assertiveness.



1.R.A.E.S. is the abbreviation of "Ren Ai Elementary School".

2.The four letters of "R.A.E.S." are given with specific meanings individually:

R - Love. The center of R is a heart which represents the love meaning of Chinese characters "Ai" of "Ren Ai". The yellow color shows the warmth and love of this place.

A - Wisdom. The significance of the declivity of pyramid is a step-by-step ascent, which tells people that "Ren Ai" is a good place to chase knowledge. White is chosen to express this image.

E - Healthy. The intensely dynamic speed emphasize the characteristic of our school is physical education, and red is a symbol of unlimited energy. 

S - Art. Soft and fluctuating lines make people feel pleasure of aesthetics, which tells people that this is a place to cultivate aesthetic education.

3.Overall, the shape of seal monument impresses on people with old fashion while the colorful English letters represents a new modern. Both of new and old images try to convey "Ren Ai" is an education institute, where respects convention and accept modern and looks forward in the future.