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Name Position/Division Job Description ExtentionNumber

Head of Department
of General Affairs

Manage all general affairs of the school.


Document Section


Set and revise the regulations on documents processing.

Reserve school seals.

Process, register, number, abstract and assign official incoming and outgoing documents.

Revise and mail documents.

Return and file documents.

Set the deadlines of documents.

Remain secrets of documents.

Record school administration meetings and reserve.

Record document processing dealines and monthly administration meetings.

Set and revise the rules of document management.

Destroy invalid documents.

Collect documents and manage official study and evaluation tasks.

File school fournals.

Edit school histories.

Process documents which don't belong to any divisions.

Tidy up and reserve files.

Edit school journals.

Other document matters.




Construction and
Repair Section

Purchase materials, compare price and tender.

Manage, distribute and register materials.

Purchase, maintain and scrap vehicles.

Assign, decorate classrooms and repair equipments.

Conduct water and electricity matters.

Set and revise the rules of security management.

Keep the air defense equipments.

Hire security personnel.

Fire prevention.

Rescue and reconstruct when fire happens.

Support decorations of ceremony and reception.

Conduct lend-lease places.

Hire and manage janitors(including temporary staffs.)

Evaluate janitors.

Issue janitors service certificate.

Purchase and insurance school properties.

Other repair matters.



Cashier Section


Processes payment, writes checks and account receivable.

Collects and audits tuition fees.

Manages savings accounts for the school staff.

Keeps all related invoices, chops, and receipts.

Manage income tax related affairs.