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 Name Position/Division  Job Description  Extension Number 

Head of Department of Student Affairs 


Manage all student affairs.

Coordinate works of all departments.

Accomplish the tasks assigned by higher authorities.


Education Section

Hosts student extra curricular activities and field trips.

Educates students about democracy and laws.

Hosts anti-crime and anti-drug activities.

Updates the holiday bulletin boards.

Award Honor Roll students.


Life Guidance Section


Educates students about proper manners.

Assigns school crossing guards.

Hosts school cleaning contests.

Monitors the safety of children drop off and pick up areas.

Manages Lost-and-found box.

Supervises security guards system.


PE Section


Organize PE cyclic lessons and sports games.

Organize teams to join extracuvricular PE activities and competitions.

Conduct school anniversaries and sports days.

Manage PE places, order and purchase materials.

Promote the learning of Taekwondo.

Conduct student strength and conditioning tests.




Hygiene Section


Distributes and maintains hygienic and cleaning tools.

Distributes cleaning duties among classes of the school.

Manages recycling and waste matters.

Regularly hosts cleaning activities.

Operates the nurse’s office and organizes its related affairs such as health check-ups.

Operates and maintains clean drinking water supply.

Supervises student lunch related affairs.

Provides health education and assists teachers in teaching the subject