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Name Position/Division  Job Description  Extension Number
Head of Counseling Center  

Manage all counseling-related affairs



Counseling section


Hosts parent education activities.

Promotes the idea of equal educational opportunities for students of both sexes.

Recruits volunteer workers.

Administers student awarding system.

Administers special student counseling system and group counseling.

Conducts activities for Teacher’s Day and Mother’s Day


 Information section

Manage couseling office's equipments and decorate.

Plan home visits and parent-teacher meetings.

Provides information regarding the entrance of junior high school.

Manage volunteers.

Set and manage the files of students' counseling information(including computer files.)

Host MQ investigations and compile statistics.

Conduct counseling meetings' records and information.

Collect counseling information books.

Publish Ren Ai Counseling Journals.

Conduct school special education.

Other related counseling matters.