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Healthy Growth (Morality)

1. Construct core value—using “self-discipline”, “respect”,  “thankfulness” and “care” as the core.

2. Add “positive management” into teaching curriculum.

3.Each class nominates a “Morality Star” as a result of positive management. 

Morality Stars are rewarded.

4. Actively engage in “Three Hao” and “Haoli Smile” activities.

5. ”Morality Theater” from the art classes.

B.Active & Creative (LOHAS)

Racing Plans:
1.Sports Day (Nov)
2.Jump Rope Race (Oct)
3.Table Tennis Tournament (Dec)
4.Grade One Hoola Hoop Race (May)
5.Grade Two Dribbling Race (Jun)
6.Grade Three Fun Rope Race (Mar)
7.Grade Four Teeball Race (Mar)
8.Grade Five Dodgeball Race (Jan)
9.Grade Six Basketball Contest (Apr)


C.Happy Learning (Reading)

1. Morning reading time, enjoy the time reading.

2. Volunteer story telling, enjoy reading together.

3. Online reading certification, online resource is encouraged.
4. Library is a good resource for the students and the faculty staff.
5.Reading passport, a reward for students who read at their leisure time.

D.Excellent Learning Environment

1. Good environment for exercise and physical education classes; also good for people in the community.

2. Green grass, red track and field, breeze in the morning are all reasons for running and play ball in the field.

3. Look at this green campus, you can see vines on the walls, the leaves make green waves as the wind blows.

4. We have handicap facility connecting all floors of the buildings.

5. Friendly design, with two sex education topic included.
6. All classrooms use T5 lights, everything according to the lighting rules.
7.Drinking water machines are maintained regularly, students and teachers have no worries.

E. Life Education and Others

1. Draft a life education plan.

2. Establish a life education organization.

3. Hold life education seminars in school.

4. Hold life education activities.

5. Create life education teaching material.